update for now

the test model being 40' overall
the frames are now 27" apart
on the out rigger 8"
as original

so 27" x 18 bow to bow > around 40'

outrigger 8" x 18 bow to bow > arond 12'

rig being 45° adward ships > becoming the most upper stay to station 8
and the mast being about half the overall lenght

the stations are inside measurements
from the table of offsets from the center line of the frame
at the height given above and below the wl

the over all width becoming around 12'
adjusting to >

the max height to transport the proa an the highway
becoming as low as possible on the trailor
then leaning toward the one side
with the keel at max width

the strip planking being 3/4" spruce becoming soaked on all sides
for max strenght and lightness

the outrigger and the bridge deck can be
as well in wood and plywood