proatest ....

as the name says > see ....

is a test boat for a 3x bigger one >
already started .... but ???

see ....  .... the picture >>>> ” in “

actually ...
I never thought of having it at this size for real >
but since it workes so great ....

we even made it available by smallboats don elliot
as a building booklet production ... the shorter > vfp 25 !

since there was the limit of 25’

here is some data on both >

loa       31’  9.5m         loa   93’  28.5m
boa       12’  3.6m         boa   36’  11m
hvf       +7’  2.1m             + 16’  ~ 5m
total     19’  5.7m         total   52’  16m

bowl     20”  50cm       wl     4’9”  1.5m
bodeck   24”  60cm       deck   5’9”  1.8m  
draft     10”  25cm       draft   30”  75cm
draft hvf ~ 3’  90cm       hvf     7’    2.1m
mast     20’  6m         height 60’    18m

the hvf on the 3x will be most likely
of a more compact geo metry ... then on the test proa !
because of the stress expected ... and because we dont need
the scale draft of 9’ on this recreation yacht !

but contrary to a dagger board .... is striking ground >
not that big of a catastrophe with the hinged vector fin >
because the boat doesnt have to come to a hold !
but will just circle around the hvf tip itself !

head room ~ 32”  80cm             ~ 6’  1.8m
    up to     42”  105cm             ~ 7’  2.1m

the head room for the proatest is unter the entrance hood
if you plan on useing it as a regular boat >

this could be increased >
by increasing the freeboard of the hull ... some 6” - 10 ” !
and on the 3x up to .... 1’

bunks       2x 7’    2.1m long     up to 12x 8’ ... 2.4m long possible

dsp       800#    350kg         dsp   10 ton

the float now is a shorter 12’ loa ... 3.6m loa > 1/2 build of the main hull !
the float of the 3x will be around a 1/3 section >
of the main hull only .... ~ 24’ ... ~ 7m loa

sa main   ~ 70f  ~  6m      sa main     ~ 600f  ~ 50m
roller jib     ~ 25f  ~  2m      roller jib     ~ 200f  ~ 20m
ww sail     ~ 25f  ~  2m      ww sail     ~ 200f  ~ 20m
stay sail   ~ 50f  ~  4m      stay sail   ~ 450f  ~ 40m   

sail area is not yet final !
so far .... there is no reefing > but a storm main sail used
used with out the roller jib > just the wind ward sail can be !

the stay sail is on a roller .... too >
but can be made on a halyard as well !
since only used in lite winds ..... when there is time ....

steering through 2x rudder on the side of the main hull
independant control > mostly the rear one used >
the front only on changing directions and emergencies !

through foot sleeves below the cockpit !
through hand lines on the 3x ?

see ... rudders etc for more on this .....

the side the rudders are on >
can be decided as for the use required
right now they are on the wind ward side by proatest >

because on beaching side ways > they are protected then !
and since the vfp had the fin under the float >
it was higher on the wind ward side then ....
on the hvfp now > they may be better on the lee ward ?
since this type heels a lot more more .... when steering may be ??
and it is lower on the wind ward side when beaching ....

you would have to hold them up ....
when sliding side ways onto a beach though !

the side they will be on the 3x could be the opposite as well !
because rudder control is easier > if on the lee ward ....

the steering effect is not that much .... different !
actually we could use 4 rudders > one on each side ......

this project started out as being 61’ loa !
the tiny 1/24 model > 2’6” loa > you can see on > videos !

then I saw the effects of lenghtening > and it became longer ....
if I had anticipated this > and being all left to myself now >

I may have just made a 2x being 62’ loa 24’ boa dsp unter 3tons
just sitting head room .... more I wouldnt need for myself !

but now all the frames are done > and the center section finished !
so its to late for that !  the shortest it could be made now >
is 72’loa > but the steering is a lot better ... with being longer !

even though at this size > the speed potential will not be reached
that often .... and the waves are much smaler for ....

the big boat !

fritz roth